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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recap 2/28 vs NY Islanders Overtime is Ovechkin's Time

Well, now maybe the Caps don't have to play a full 60-minute game to win after all.  Of course I'm kidding, but I have to say I wasn't holding out much hope when it was 2-1 with a minute left to go.  I had gotten the particulars via radio on my usual trek home, which seems to be taking longer for some reason.  I got home in time to catch the last few minutes of the game and of course they were trailing.

Lots of curse words flying out of my mouth when they couldn't keep it in the zone.  And then by a stroke of luck an Islander flung the puck into the bench, putting the faceoff in their zone.  There was about 25 seconds left on the clock.  Jeff Halpern, one of the best faceoff artists in the league took the draw and got into his patented low stance. In a carbon copy of what he did in the last Florida game he dug the puck out back to a waiting Brooks Laich.  Laich then got it to the point where Dennis Wideman threw up a prayer.  It was answered by the right hip of Troy Brouwer.  Unbelievable!

So I'm thinking, OK, well at least we'll get a loser point out of this.  Yeah, not a good way to think I know.  but if you look at the standings, it's worked for Florida so far this year.

The CSN crew shows the Ovechkam and the Captain is falling all over himself in just about every highlight.  Great.  Guess we can't count on him for anything tonight.  As it happened, I was dead wrong.  Thank goodness. About a minute and a half in he got his chance with a takeaway at his own blueline.  He and Islanders defenseman Travis Hamonic were dance partners for about 60 feet of ice.  After he gained the zone,  Ovechkin waited until Hamonic set up just enough of a screen in front of Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov and released his drive.  It was a picture perfect shot that went in through the five hole.  Game over.  Happy me.

So another two points in the books, but thanks to Toronto's perpetual bumbling against Florida, it only vaults them into the eighth and final playoff spot for now.  So we'll take that, for right now anyway.  And don't look now, but the Caps are now officially on a winning streak!  Hasn't happened in over a month, let's hope they keep it going for a while.  This is an awesome way to start a five game homestand.

Next up is the New Jersey Devils on Friday.  Keep it going, boys.

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