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Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day News, Part 1

Going to try like heck to keep up with what might be a busy day in Caps-land.  All reports will be as always, extemporaneous and on the fly.  In other words, not scripted.

The first bit of news is actually not a trade at all, but news that should not come as a surprise--top center Nicklas Backstrom was placed on long-term Injured Reserve retroactive to Jan. 4.  The initial report is here.  This will give the Caps a total of $7.6 million in salary cap space, which obviously gives them much more wiggle room to swing a deal, not that one may be imminent.  No idea with this bunch.  And McPhee will keep it close to his $300 silk vest.

By the way, according to Japers Rink, after his two-game "chance" resulted in further healthy scratches for Mike Knuble, you can bet the double-wide that he will no longer be a Capital after today.  Sad, but true.  Ditto for Roman Hamrlik.  Hamr, we hardly knew yer.

Stay tuned as we've got a couple hours left and the reports will start a-rolling in......

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