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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recap 2/20 vs Carolina: Another Natural Disaster

Going to keep this short because I have literally run out of negative things to say about a hockey team that is giving me exactly nothing to cheer about lately.  Last night's 5-0 boat race was certainly nothing to write home about.  Several odd-man rushes and overall bad puck movement led to most if not all five of the goals scored.

An in-game change in goalies made no difference and by the time the Caps resorted to fisticuffs to swing the momentum, the game was pretty much lost already.  I had turned it off pretty much after a few minutes into the third.  I'm not giving up, but I have to say I'm damn close to it. This team ought to be ashamed of itself.

For those of you desiring a more action-packed, detailed, and slightly less grumpy assessment of last night's debacle, please read Becca's excellent recap over at Japers.

The most ridiculous thing about all this is even now they still have a chance to not only get a playoff spot, but also to win the division.  But only because their division has been mediocre at best, which doesn't say much for the Caps.  Southleast indeed.

Next Monday is the trade deadline.  After that it may be all downhill.

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