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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recap 3/2 vs New Jersey: Deviled Goose Egg

I'm seriously beginning to think that, instead of the wonderful logo a lot of us lovingly refer to as the "Weagle" the secondary logo should be the mask from the Phantom of the Opera.  Perhaps next game they could all be outfitted with one!

I jest of course, but I think by now even a casual follower of the Capitals knows what I mean.  They were riding a three game winning streak and coming off a character-building win in overtime.  You would have thought that there would have been a better effort as opposed to the 5-0 boat race we were treated to.  Of course it didn't help that Zach Parise turned the Verizon Center ice into his own personal playground, he of the hat trick.  Make no mistake the Devils are a damn good team, but the Caps could have played them much better than that.

Here's a telling stat:  Alex Ovechkin registered seven hits, but only one shot. If that's not schizophrenic I have no idea what is.

Jeff Schultz with a slashing penalty?  You're not supposed to get that nasty, Sarge.

We're still waiting for the "Mike Green effect" to show up.  To be sure, he's improving with every game, but didn't get a point in any of the three wins and doesn't look to be that game changing factor we all know him to be....yet.

If only the scarecrow had a brain, the tin man a heart, the cowardly lion courage, and if only Jay Beagle could score....

Based on Dale Hunter's logic of poor plus minus stats giving you a seat in the press box, he would have had to bench the whole team save for Beagle, Schultz, Joel Ward, and Jeff Halpern.

Matt Hendricks pretty much doomed whatever momentum that Caps were trying to build up his high-sticking call that led to the opener and game-winning goal.  The least he could have done is to try and bring it back by doing what he does best--fighting.

Speaking of power plays, the refs kept it even, giving each team two. The Devils converted on one.  Any guesses how the Caps did?

Is anybody else tired of seeing a team that is supposedly learning to play a more defensively responsible game give up five goals?

And finally, Brooks Laich says if you can't beat 'em, club them in the face. Of course he didn't actually say that, but if he was going to put the old Kabong! on Zach Parise, accidental or not, he could have done that much earlier in the game.

What a yuck making game.  And it doesn't get any easier as the homestand continues against Philadelphia in a rare Sunday matchup.  If you will be attending, be sure to keep yourself in good voice.  We want Mr. Jagr to feel quite welcome.

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