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Monday, April 30, 2012

Recap Game 1 vs NY Rangers

Go ahead, say it with me....

I was afraid this would happen.

Yes, instead of riding the huge wave of momentum from eliminating the Boston Bruins, the Washington Capitals promptly jumped off and started acting like another mediocre hockey team. Now I didn't have the fortune (or misfortune) of actually seeing the game due to family obligations, but by all accounts the team that just defeated the defending Cup champs was on vacation for Game 1.

Note to Alexander Semin: if you get slashed by anyone in blue, make like your wife or significant other is communicating with you and DON'T RETALIATE!

And another thing, while keeping the opposition down to less than 20 shots is a good thing, you have to take more than that total in order to score.

Mr. Holtby, please do not forget who you were just a few days ago.  Or at least forget who you were on Saturday.

That is all.  This team knows what to do.  It's just a matter of doing it. Being down 2-0 isn't necessarily a disaster, but a split would be much better.  Just saying.

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