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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Powerplay Point Podcast Show #6

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Playoffs, playoffs, and more playoffs.  It's all about the silver chalice we call Lord Stanley's Cup.  Here is my latest show regarding all eight matchups plus an in-depth preview of the Caps' series against the Bruins which starts tonight.  We end with the story of the game that defines what it is to be a Caps fan--the Easter Epic.  Don't get it?  You will when you listen.

One final note as I didn't mention this in the show, but shame on you Charles Wang for what you did.  I know what I saw that night I watched the Easter Epic and you can't tell me that Pat Lafontaine never existed. Because I saw what happened and even as a fan of the opposing team I know good hockey, not to mention class when I see it.  Pat Lafontaine exemplifies both.  You sir on the other hand have neither.  It is a crime that you are dragging the Islanders' good name into the muck with your idiocy.

Running time is just over an hour, so enjoy!

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