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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recap 4/2 vs Tampa Bay: Blowing it Again

The Washington Capitals had a chance to pound a nail in the coffin of the Buffalo Sabres' playoff hopes last night...all they had to do was win.  Let's just say that the Caps definitely dropped the hammer last night.....

On their collective foot.

We've been down this road quite a few times this season, so we might as well get to the point where it all fell apart, again.

Another chance to get ahead and opportunity wasted.  Why they're not tired of this is rapidly becoming the great mysteries of all time.  It's almost as if they're not even sure they even want to make the playoffs. Did they not think that Steven Stamkos would continue his drive to score 60 goals?  He did just that, scoring not once but twice to bring his total to 58 for this season.  They managed to keep him off the scoresheet in other games this year, why not in the one that matters most?

All looked well late in the game when Jason Chimera tied it with 3:17 left to go in the third.  Somehow, that's when they forgot about Stamkos and the fact that he leads the NHL in goals by a country mile.  He not only got the game winner, he got the icer at the end into an empty net.

The Caps got 33 shots on net...I'm happy to say that Alex Semin got one of them...and hopefully it won't be his last as a Cap.  But this continues a disturbing trend where they outshoot their opponent and still manage to lose the game by two goals or more.

Well, there's two games left, and the season can still be salvaged.  But if there's another game like last night, the Washington Capitals can forget about the playoffs.

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