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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recap 12/3 Senators try the Filibuster again, but get cut off in OT

Finally!  A win for Dale Hunter and the Caps.  And you know what?  They actually looked good doing it.  Before that it was back to back 2-1 losses in which their offense looked about as healthy as an anorexic.  A bit of luck sure didn't hurt either as Laich took advantage of  Erik Karlsson stumbling as a result of losing an edge.  This created an odd-man rush, something Dale Hunter's new strategy will empahsize.  Jason Chimera, already a faster than most when they're not on their butts, streaked around him and down the left wing.  He dispatched a brilliant pass to a waiting Laich who promptly put it away.

Speaking of Karlsson (and our Carlson....John) did we we really need to be reminded about 9,742 times that they're NOT related?  Joe, you're off your game a bit.

I was happy with how the game was played.  Yes it's always the how. The Caps owned the game except for perhaps whenever they were on the power play (which needs work like the Baltimore Orioles need pitching).
They were shooting, hitting, skating, backchecking, moving the puck and doing all of it well. Let's see more of that, gents.

Poor Sergei Gonchar can't catch a break.  He ended up a minus 2 and still has to hear the catcalls of the Verizon Center faithful every time he touches the puck. A bit of recent history here: Sergei Gonchar used to be a top D-man for the Caps PO (Pre-Ovechkin).  He had a nasty habit of turning the puck over at the worst possible moment.  Like in overtime in an elimination game of the playoffs.  And since Larry Murphy retired, the taunt for this kind of a problem has since been passed down to Gonchar.  So if you were watching the game and were wondering what that strange whooping noise every time Gonchar had the puck was now you know.

Next up is Florida tomorrow night in a four pointer game.  Time to spring back into the playoff race.

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