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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bruce Boudreau, California Dreamin'

Bruce Boudreau didn't have to wait long to get another job...we should all be so lucky.

Was it Ken Hitchcock who said he wouldn't be surprised to see the Bruce behind another bench within 72 hours?  Ought to ask him what today's lottery numbers are!

I couldn't be happier and not just for the obvious reason.  Ryan Getzlaf is on the Bumblers, my fantasy team and he's frigging killing me with his hideous play.  I've been trying to trade the SOB, but no one else in my league wants him.  But now with the Bruce calling the shots in Anaheim, I'm going to bet that his numbers will improve if not skyrocket.  Happy me.

This makes me want to get a Twitter account because I actually heard this late last night on SportsCenter All Night on ESPN radio of all places.  This while I was out.  Of course poor Jay Reynolds had trouble pronouncing Bruce Boudreau's name.  Must be some sort of ingrained thing at ESPN--must screw up everything hockey.

So tonight it's the rejuvenated Pens.  We need to start racking up the wins and tonight is a perfect place to start.  As always, the opening few minutes will be key.  And if anything, if the Caps hope to have ANY chance of winning they need to play as close to mistake free hockey as possible.

Me personally as far as the starting goalie I would put in Neuvy.  Vokoun looks like he's had a rough time of it lately and could probably use a night off.  Besides, there's no doubt that Neuvy gets jazzed for these games against Pittsburgh ever since Disco Dan Bigmouth Bylsma called him a "not very good goalie."  Make it happen, Hunts.

Speaking of hunting, Crosby says he wants to be tested.  While I don't approve of "targeting" players, I say give him what he wants.  Lay a body on him and sooner or later he'll wear down.  Well maybe his legs won't, but his arms will.  And if he doesn't have arms he can't shoot or pass can he?  Don't give him too much respect--we've all seen what he can do if he has enough room to work.

The overall strategy?  Attack, rush back, then counterattack.  Never over commit, even on a power play.  ESPECIALLY on a power play.  THIS MEANS YOU, OVI!

Maybe it's too soon to say the season's on the line, but it sure does feel like it doesn't it?

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