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Monday, February 18, 2013

ReCap 2/17 vs NY Rangers

And so the winning streak endeth.

We shouldn't have expected much more than this to be honest.  But you just aren't going to win many games by giving up 40 shots.  That's too much for any goalie to deal with and try to keep his team in it.  Braden Holtby did his job and more, though, stopping all but two shots sent his way. If only his teammates had help up their end and scored more than one. 

Holtby deserved at least a third star in the game.  Honorable mention should go to John Carlson, however.  He played what was probably his best game of the season, scoring the only goal, blocking three shots, and logging over 26 minutes of work.  The Caps will need him to keep up these efforts especially now that Mike Green's health is now questionable at best. 

We have the classic glass half full/glass half empty issue.  Taking away just the bad we have the 40 shots given up, the five power plays give up (one of which led to the game winner), and the sudden lack of finishing ability by practically the whole team.  Taking away just the good we have four of five of those penalties killed, Braden Holtby playing like playoff Braden Holtby, an edge in faceoff wins (BFD), and the fact that they kept up with one of the best rosters in the NHL for 60 minutes.

In the end however it was a chance for more standings points lost.  And with it the best possible playoff seeding.  This team can't afford to settle just yet, it needs to find another gear.

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