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Friday, January 25, 2013

ReCap 1/24 vs Montreal

OK, I'm not panicking just yet.  But I'm damn sure not happy with what I'm seeing.

You can't chalk up the kind of sloppy play that was the Capitals' effort last night to just another round of lethargy.  Not only is it too easy, it's just not accurate.  Although players missing assignments and being out of position can be the result of being out of game shape, the fact that it's happening consistently over the course of several games points to an internal flaw, not just worn parts.

Still...three flops, however colossal, does not a season make.

Last night seemed to be a carbon copy of the game against the Jets.  Hence why I will keep this post short--there's really nothing new I can add! 

Seriously though, it followed the exact same summary, except for the fact that the Caps actually played well in the first period.  But again, they got themselves in penalty trouble and the rest went down the crapper.
And how ironic (as in not the ha-ha type of funny) was it that Matthieu Perreault, who has been grumbling about his role recently, began the parade to the penalty box?  This makes two ill-advised and horribly timed penalties in three games.  Not the way to impress the coaches or the fans, Monsieur quatre-vingt cinq.

And yet you get the sense that this team could be on the verge of righting the ship.  Well, I do anyway. The reason is because there's just too much talent on this team to squander a wide-open opportunity.  There are flashes of brilliance; who'd have thought Joey Crabb would be the only one to get on the board?  Just another example of how the newcomers seem to be leading the way.

I listened to the Capitals Report this morning and I heard Mike Vogel say he wasn't a big fan of Alex Ovechkin playing the Penalty Kill.  I have to say I agree.  I think his talents are better suited to switching him off with your top four wingers and giving him his minutes that way.  By the way, Marcus Johansson would not and should not be among those forwards.  Those familiar with my work should know that I have never really cared for his supposed talents.  Some of the regulars over at Japers Rink call him Marcus Nohandsson.  Last night for the gazillionth time he showed why.  Can we finally cut our losses with this guy?

I remain for the most part optimistic.  But like a fart in the wind, that optimism is fading quickly.  And like a fart, the Caps are becoming scary good at clearing a building early.

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