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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let There Be Hockey

We are hours away from the dropping of the puck to finally open the 2013 NHL season, the 96th one in its history.  I couldn't let it go however without posting my own response to the (insert laughter) advertised apology recent seen in major news outlets across North America.  Enjoy.

Let there be the donning of home jerseys, t-shirts and costumes.
Let there be footsteps boarding subways, metros, trains, and vehicles.
Let there be that knowing smile between child and parent when their home rink comes into view.
And yes, let there be the ringing of coins and cash and the swiping of cards as the teams collect our hard won wages.

Let the arenas swell with crowds of fans young and old.
Let the ticket takers' smile be like home as they welcome us back.
Let the anticipation be like never before, the buzzing of people like sweet music.
And yes, let there be lines longer than city blocks to all concessions and bathrooms.

Let us all roar when our teams take the ice.
Let there be oohing and aahing as we watch the warmups.
Let there be that familiar wince hearing the puck clink off the glass.
And yes let there be apologetic ceremonies to open a season we once thought was lost.

Let them drop the puck at center ice.
Let there be skating and scoring and sweat towards one common goal.
Let red lights indeed flash and the sirens so sound
And yes let there be the shaking of entire buildings and communities when the home teams score.

Let there be those who watch from far and away.
Let them connect through devices; the fruits of technology's wonder.
Let us all suffer, willingly or not, through talking heads and pundits as they babble and bloviate.
Let us all enjoy this majestic spectacle, a quest for a Cup; this grand dance, this awesomeness that is NHL hockey.

Let's you and me take in a game tonight...because we are hockey fans. And we are part of this greatness.

And the moral of THAT story is, if you're going to say something, think about it first before you say it.

Yes, I feel this strongly about it.  Not as strongly as I do about certain other aspects of life.  See here.  But strong enough to feel pride in a game that sorely needs it. If you're a fan, please indulge to your hearts content...if not, I pity you.  Because to me, this game more than any other is about people.  We make things what they are.  We are the memories that remain when all is said and done and we are what keeps it all going. Which is why it all exists in the first place. Make your game, whatever it is, a good one.  One worth writing about.

You folks who are staying away do as you please, I don't begrudge you. But I know what I'm doing tonight. And most important of all, who I will be with.....

Only one thing left to say...DROP THE DAMN PUCK!!

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