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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Pressed for time and sleep once again, so we're doing it rapid-fire...I call it "Blueliner's One-Liners"

The power play goal  I noticed some members of the #2 unit were on board with the number 1 unit...goes to show that sometimes having a bit of #2 isn't so bad sometimes.

Backstrom missed a yawning net---UUURRRRRGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Did a massive facepalm on this one!

Waaaaaaayyyyy too many neutral zone turnovers, again...and again, and again, and......

Great to see Chimera get on the board--speed truly does kill.

Neuvy looked human on a couple of those goals...might be time to rest him.

Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom with....errr Matt Bradley?

Hoping to see the Boyd Gordon Streak continue, and we did.

Gotta say Mike Green looked pretty good at both ends of the ice tonight.

Tying goal--great shot by Semin, but the real genius was Brooks Laich causing havoc in front--lesson learned--we can only hope.

Well...hadn't seen a shootout win yet so why not?  They've won practically every other way.

Tomas Fleischmann did a great impression of a decoy...and ended up scoring one of the times he was playing "totem pole!" 

So it goes to show...if you can't actually DO something to get the result...ACT like it and it might just happen!

Alexander Semin....he's a goat, no he's a hero, no he's...ahh, just give him another Palm certificate and let him eat royally tonight!

And the line of the night?  "Up Yours!" by Alan May during the Comcast post-game wrap up.

One more shot--I mentioned number two's too bad that Comcast feels the necessity to interweave the Redskins mess during what is SUPPOSED to be the CAPS post game show.  Just saying.

Mike Green (52) of the Washington Capitals shoots the puck past Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonas Gustavsson for a goal as Maple Leafs' Francois Beauchemin (L) arrives too late to stop the shot during the second period of their NHL hockey game in Washington November 3, 2010. REUTERS/Joe Giza (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT ICE HOCKEY)

Had a good choice of pics, but I chose this one, because well, it's a Blueliner blog and the pic features a darn fine blueliner.

Another two points in the bank account...marching towards the playoffs.

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