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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bruce Boudreau, juggler extraordinaire

There are many words that can be used to describe someone who has a talent for deftly arranging things, but the word "juggler" seems perfect for Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau.  This is especially apropos when you consider the very definition of the word.  Not to mention his resemblance to a certain famous performer who started out as a Vaudeville Juggler so many years ago.

1936:  American comedian W C Fields (1879 - 1946) plays itinerant medicine seller Professor Eustace McGargle, in the film 'Poppy', directed by A Edward Sutherland for Paramount.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) TORONTO, ON - JUNE 12:  Head coach Bruce Boudreau of the Washington Capitls accepts the Jack Adams Award on stage during the 2008 NHL Awards at the at the Elgin Theatre on June 12, 2008 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images for NHL)

Scary, huh? 

Seriously though, the Bruce's penchant for throwing out different line combinations--and getting a lot out of them--has been both a running gag and something to marvel at among Caps fans.  Why, I've seen line combinations this season (albeit briefly) that defied logic and yet have worked.  Especially on the special teams.  And (gasp) he's now tinkering with Ovechkin's natural positioning!  But hey, it's working so far.

Just for the sake of lightening his work load, here are some combinations I've come up with that perhaps even he hasn't thought of...yet.  Enjoy!

The "Has Matt" line--Matts Bradley Hendricks and Perreault--could be explosive when you least expect it to be!
"Marcus O. Highlight-reelius"  Marcus Johansson, OV and Semin--imagine the points MJ90 would put up centering these two!  Worth throwing a toga party for, I would say.
A Boyd and the Hands line--Gordon, DJ King and Ovechkin...hands can do so many things!
Books, er, Brooks Smart Alex(es)
Beauties and the Beast line--OV, Backstrom and Chimera
Crash and Burn--Knuble, Laich, and Chimera
A King and a Fehr (insert whichever center you want)
Flash Gordon (or El Gordo y La Flasha for the Hispanic community)
Czech out them Swedes!  (Fleischmann, Backstrom, and Johansson)
B. Laich Mike line--Laich, Marcus Johannson ("MJ"), and Knuble
The "Face Value" line--David Steckel, Matt Hendricks, and Boyd Gordon...three of the lowest salaries on the team, yet three important contributors.

No pressure, coach.  Keep up the good work!

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