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Monday, October 4, 2010


Couple of quick news items worthy (to me) of noting:


So I was thumbing through The Hockey News earlier today and I stumbled across the headline that the NHL was negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with the NHL Officials Association.  I had no idea their CBA was even up.  Speculation was that there was a good chance a deal wouldn't get done and the league would be forced to start the season with (GULP)  replacement officials.

An Official face shows his opinion of the fight between Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers players in third period at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh on March 27, 2010. The Penguins defeated the Flyers 4-1. UPI/Archie Carpenter Photo via Newscom

Yeah, I wasn't too happy about it either.

Thank the Hockey Gods, however, because a new deal has been worked out that will keep the boys in the stripes in the fold for four years.  We all get on the refs and linesmen for mistakes made and calls that go unseen.  But hey, you can't play the game without them and you may as well have the best you can get.  These gentlemen are just that--a credit to their profession.  Thanks for continuing to do what you do and doing it well.  And please continue to screw up as little as possible.

GLENDALE, AZ - APRIL 07: Linesman Lyle Seitz #61 officiates in his 735th and final NHL game between the Nashville Predators and the Phoenix Coyotes at Arena on April 7, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin (8) argues a call by an official as his team plays against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the second period at the Verizon Center in Washington on March 24, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

OTTAWA, ON - MARCH 23: Linesman Dan Schachte and referee Bill McCreary talk during the NHL game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place on March 23, 2010 in Ottawa, Canada. (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)

Flame MorrisON!

Well our old buddy Brendan Morrison, he of the failed 1-year experiment, has convinced the Calgary Flames to offer him the same for this season.  Will he be of any use in Calgary? Maybe and maybe not, but it's certain that his best days are behind him.  I just hope for their sake he doesn't, er, Flame out like he did last season. 
If you read the link he sounds pretty confident in his ability to contribute.  He's either an eternal optimist or in a major amount of denial.  He's already flunked out of a second shot this year with the Vancouver Canucks.  What's he trying to do?  Get cut by every Canadian team?

Washington Capitals Brendan Morrison (9) is tripped by Pittsburgh Penguins Maxime Talbot (25) during the first period at the Verizon Center in Washington on March 24, 2010. A penalty was not called. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

Here's when he falls over after when Max Talbot tells him the one about the sound of the oil and vinegar trucks colliding!

Oh, I'm so going to hell for that one!


  1. As long as the replacement officials let em play hockey i'm game. No more questions about what is a legal hit. We know what we want to see and the players give them credit, are pros.

  2. 'tis true. But the deal is done so no worries. But now I hear there was something not so right about how the deal was done. If you want to know more, download the latest pod cast of Goal Mouth Radio at some good stuff there!


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