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Sunday, March 31, 2013

ReCap 3/31/13 vs Philadelphia

Loser points are for losers.  And that's just how the Washington Capitals played for the last seven plus minutes of their game tonight against Philly.  So it's appropriate then that all they would come away with, was the loser point.  Play them horns!

Play them all night long!!!!!

Honestly, when is this team going to figure out that there are 60 minutes in a game?  Not 55, not 52, not 53, but 60.  Sometimes more if overtime is involved.  This team packed it up with about seven minutes to go.  How many times have we Caps fans lamented this fact that nobody seems to realize you don't win unless you're LEADING after 60 minutes of play?????

It was a heck of a run with this team managing 10 wins in March, as Joe B referred to during the Comcast showing (nearly to ad nauseum, might I add).  But when you can't win the tough games, you might as well not be playing at all.  And so we all know what will happen now.  This team will miss the playoffs.

And you can't say I didn't tell you so!  Because I did!

Truth is, the Capitals do not deserve to make the playoffs.  You can't coast against any team in this league and get rewarded for it.  And yet it happens.  Over and over and over again.

The trade deadline is in three days.  The Washington Capitals better be having a fire sale happening, because everything must go.  At least that's what I'd like to see.  But it won't happen.

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