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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Losing in More Ways than One

I'm not going to attempt to cover the whole game against the Sharks as I didn't see it at all.  The game was on too late even for a rabid Caps fan like me and I'm at the age where every bit of sleep I can grab counts, darn it all.  I was hoping for a better result than what happened, obviously. But I can't say I was surprised.  The Caps just haven't done well on the road this year, no matter who has been the bench boss and it's a trend that needs to change if they want to move up in the standings.

The injury bug had come at a bad time (when is it ever a GOOD time for that?) affecting the team's best players.  Alex Semin was barely up to speed last night and, despite good reports from recent practice sessions, Nicklas Backstrom was held out of the lineup.  Worse, Mike Green may be lost yet again for nobody knows how long.  Seems he took another hard hit in the second period and ended up missing the last half of the game.
Something has to be done about this and quick.  No, I'm not suggesting a "don't hit #52" rule.  Rather, something more along the lines of what was suggested in this excellent article that was posted at Japers Rink not so long ago.

If you read Kareem E.'s recap you will see this sentiment echoed. Obviously the future success of the team is tied the health of their highest-paid defenseman. I for one don't think we can afford to lose Mike green for too much more time and it certainly isn't helpful to his career. Can they win in the short term without him?  The Caps have proven that they can.  However, if they want to win when it counts they have to have a 100% completely healthy Mike Green in the lineup come playoff time.  Of course getting to the playoffs is still no guarantee....

One last thing--can we stop with this "hex" that everyone is throwing out about the Sharks?  It shouldn't matter what building you are playing in, if you are at your best you have a decent chance to win.  It's not like a building can beat you.  But then again there was that first goal that took a crazy bounce off the boards....

Maybe the Caps should all eat some Lucky Charms cereal in their next trip to HP Pavilion.

Yes that's the best I got right now.  Hope the Caps come up with better against the Kings come Monday.

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