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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Ramblings--A Few Laps Around....

I'm looking back and realizing that it's been some time since I last posted. Even with all that's gone on in the hockey world and for the Caps as well, I haven't been able to organize my thoughts the way I'd like.  So bear with me while I do some looping laps around the ice as it were.

I don't want this to be the focus for this go-around, but as the NHL mourns its third player death this off-season, you  can't help but wonder what in the hell is going on.  From what I've researched, depression played at least some part in two of these incidents.  Like I said, I'm not going to get into this too much, especially since this says it all.  But I'm throwing in my $.02 anyway because I happen to know something about fighting depression.  And there are certain idiots who have posted comments on other sites who probably know nothing about maintaining mental health.  I don't typically curse in my writing, but shame on these assholes who take potshots at people with legitimate problems--problems that happen to be REAL. that one a wind sprint, because it got me going.  Let's switch gears a bit and talk more moneypuck.  And you know what they is honey...right?  Wrong.  At least not according to Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy.  Not exactly related to the Caps, but it is--I'll explain.  According to his article about James van Riemsdyk on Puck Daddy, the Flyers not only overpaid, but overpaid early.  So in other words, this would be like Brooks Laich getting his contract as soon we got him from Ottawa.  I can see the point he's trying to make but what I want to say is  hasn't he ever heard of the phrase "taking a flyer" (pun always intended) on a young player?  A big contract is usually doled out for one of two reasons--you want to reward a player for one big year, or perhaps several OR you want to show a young player that, as a hockey organization, you're committed to his development.  This contract is obviously a sign of the latter.    The connection to the Caps is one of the commenters of the article.  Some guy name Mark took it upon himself to notice that the Caps had already done this type of overpaying and that it wouldn't be long before the hockey media anointed them as the next Cup champs.  Heh, thanks for reading Mark and, by the way, it's already been said!

Now that I think about it, the Flyers did pretty much blow up their team with the two big....trades they made.  And they spent the savings on a goalie...ONE PLAYER! Which makes me feel somewhat better about the Caps situation.  Because to be honest when I first heard about all the moves  I felt like the team was being blown up before it accomplished anything.  Then I realized that the foundation is still there, it was just the second tier that needed retooling, and the team looks better for it--at least on paper.  So perhaps it's not all about the money money money after all....heh, tell that to my accountant, but I'm just saying....saying it all with a smile.

Last lap, going to bring it home.  Rookie camp is about a week away and so we'll get a decent look at  Cody Eakin, Stanislav Galiev and Dimitry Orlov.  A lot of the pros have already come in and hit the ice as well including Marcus Johansson.  Check this out as well as this sick shot from MJ.  Marcus was that you?  Buddy...where what this last year?  Oh yeah, it was last year.  I know what I said before, I just want to see him do more of that.  And here's hoping he will now that he's got a year in the NHL under his belt.  Nice to know we've got a good stable of youngsters to step in when necessary.

Rookie Camp is pretty much here.  Next up is the preseason and then the 95th NHL season.  Opener is October 8 and I can't wait.

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