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Monday, April 19, 2010

Eating a Heaping Helping of Crow--And Loving It!

Well Game Three is over...and yes I will admit it, I was dead wrong. Five goals! And only one for the other side! But I've never been so happy to be so wrong in my life. Right now I'm watching the Versus guys singing the praises of the Caps' effort tonight and loving that too. Man I love this time of year!

But I also love my wife...and I have to credit her (again) for helping me to stay sane through all of this; or at least holding onto something resembling sanity. Of course I was nervous as all get out before the game. You have to understand I've seen collapses like you wouldn't believe over the years and this was beginning to look like yet another chapter of that. But Mrs. Blueliner kept telling me, as she always does, that things would be fine. Fine they were, and once again, right she was. I didn't get a whole lot right tonight, but I got one thing right in marrying her.

Yes I predicted a Canadiens win in my last post. No, it didn't happen and I'm damn glad. But that first period was terrible for my nerves. With each shot I swear I had my heart in my throat. More on this in the analysis side, but great game from old Varley! So for now I'm just trying to calm down and come down from the high I'm on now. So I'll wrap this one up early, and fade out by watching L.A. and Vancouver fight it out in the late game. Gotta love the first round of the playoffs--nothing but hockey. And that's as it should least in my world.

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